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Meet Umlani’s Resident Leopard: Rock Fig Jnr

Posted by Kelly on Tue August 18, 2015.

One of Umlani Bushcamp's favourite and most seen leopards is Rock Fig Jnr. She is beautiful, stealthy and always happy to pose for photographs.

When guests arrive at the lodge one of the animals that is right at the top of their list to see is the leopard.

Leopards are the most elusive and secretive of all cats and, even on the best of days, an animal that is notoriously difficult to see. Their dappled camouflaged coats ensure that if a leopard doesn’t want to be seen, it won’t be. That coupled with their shy demeanour makes it a challenge for any guest or guide to find.

However here at Umlani Bushcamp we are fortunate enough to have a few individual leopards that break that stereotype and almost seem to enjoy being seen by our game drive vehicles. Leopards that carry out their daily lives in the presence of our guests and guides alike unperturbed by our vehicles, allowing us into their elusive existence and giving us the chance to get to know each leopard on a very intimate level.

We’d like to introduce one of our stars that we see on almost a daily basis and allow you a chance to get to know her as we do.


This beautiful blue eyed leopard is a real legend of the Timbavati, moving onto 11yrs old now she has raised many litters of cubs, is an extremely good huntress and is one the most successful leopards in the reserve. Her main territory lies within Umlani’s property this means she is one of our most seen leopards and she never fails to give a good show on our game drives.

She seems to pose for her photograph to be taken like a model in a fashion shoot. She has no problem flaunting her beauty and is often found lounging in the branches of trees or out in the open giving us a full view of her beauty.

By: Greg McCall-Peat